Hotel Palazzo Tour D' Eau

Chieti,  Italy

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Price: 120 € (Average)

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This historical residence, completely restored in 2002, is the ideal base for those seeking a holiday amongst simplicity and beauty. From its perch on the highest point of the rocky village hill, the hotel commands spectacular panoramic views of the whole valley. The quality of service and careful attention to detail make every guest stay rich with prestige and comfort. Palazzo Tour D' Eau is perfect for guests looking for meeting places away from the city, preferring locations that are just as practical but more relaxing. The quality of service, the careful attention to detail and the 6 exclusive rooms ensure a comfortable stay for all guests. All rooms afford astonishing views of the valley through the lookout towers.

Hotel Palazzo Tour D' Eau
Via Monte 8 (66050) - Chieti (Italy)


Hotel Palazzo Tour D' Eau Via Monte 8 Chieti 66050 Italy